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System NES GBC
Cartridge Nes Cartridge .
Release July 01, 1990 June 26, 2000
Publisher SNK Nintendo
Developer SNK NST
Save Slots 2 3
Rating N/A E-Everyone
Size 384kb 16Mb
Game Play Enemies are not immune to certain swords in GBC, although certain swords are more effective against certain enemies
Game Play HP and MP are fully restored on level up in GBC
Game Play Enemies are less likely to inflict status ailments in GBC
Game Play Alarm Flute is an event rather than tool item in GBC
Game Play Enemies give different amounts of gold/exp; usually higher amounts in NES
Game Play Small differences in town shops & inns
Game Play Can save anywhere in GBC (though if you save in a cave, you start outside the cave on load)
Game Play Much more clues given in GBC and items are never hidden out of plain sight (i.e. Onyx Statue, Love Pendant, Kirisa Plant appear as treasure chests)
Game Play Spirits can be teleported/warped to in GBC (the Zombie town in Evil Spirit Island)
Game Play There is this sweet Game Over screen in GBC:

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