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The History of this Site

I first started this page in the Fall of 1997, October I think it was. My inspiration was just the fact that I had been playing Crystalis for the first time in years, this time on Nesticle, and I was unable to find any info on Crystalis on the internet. I remember being stuck trying to find Amazones, because I was strictly following the outline from the instruction manual, forgetting that you needed the Ball of Water to get there. The page started out as well, just a page, about five feet long, including all the stuff from the instruction manual: the outline, the weapons, items etc. Then I began to notice that the page was very unorganized, too long (meaning it takes a minute to scroll to the bottom, and still nearly does), and I needed to add some original stuff.

So using my handy dandy Nesticle emulator, Microsoft Paint, and a picture converter, I made a bunch of pics for the site. Eventually, I also got sorta involved with the Nes internet scene and added a bunch of links and webrings. I also did some other stuff, such as make the icons and cursors, and made a bunch of pages to make everything nice and organized, and that has continued to right now... though at a very slow rate these days due to an immense lack of time. I still have some stuff planned, such as the still not complete compare/contrast of the gbc and nes versions, and I still have yet to make a monsters page, which is a pretty big project, though I believe I have pics of nearly all of the monsters.... and stuff will follow from there. So there's where this site came from, and that's what I soon hope to add, keep on checkin for updates, but don't hold your breath :-)

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