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Most of these are found later in the game, Some of them are VERY helpful in certain situations.  Only 1 can be equipped at a time.

  1. Gas MaskGas Mask:  Protects you from poison gas in the Poisonous Swamp.   Useless later on.
  2. Power RingPower Ring:  Doubles the power of a sword.  Very good.
  3. Warrior RingWarrior Ring:  Shoots a level 1 wave continuously. Good for weak enemies.
  4. Iron NecklaceIron Necklace:  Doubles defensive power of armor.
  5. Shield RingShield Ring:  Doubles defensive power of a shield.  If your shield has a lower power than your armor than it's obviously better to equip the Iron Necklace and vice-versa.
  6. Deo's PendantDeo's Pendant:  Automatically restores MP when you wear it.  Doesn't restore MP when you are using magic or in battle or moving at all.   Always use this before you fight a boss, though it takes a while.
  7. Rabit BootsRabbit Boots:  Enables you to jump.  Needed on Mt. Sabre.
  8. Leather BootsLeather Boots:  Maintains your strength when you walk on poisonous ground or spikes.

Tool Items

Event Items

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