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Low HP Attacks

These attacks can be made by any character except Gau and Umaro when they are in the "Near Fatal" position, they are entirely random, unique to the character, and pretty powerful.

Celes- Spin Edge

In this one Celes is chopping the guy up with a Sword even though when I did it she was unequipped, it looks a little like Crono's Cyclone in CT.

Spin Edge Spin Edge

Cyan- Back Blade

The screen goes black after Cyan jumps at the enemy and a white slash appears as he slices the enemy.

Back Blade Back Blade

Edgar- Royal Shock

It looks like he's about to cast a spell then a thing flies up from the enemy that looks similiar to the attack if you get 3 Diamonds with Setzer's Slot.

Royal Shock

Gogo- X Meteo

A meteor hits an enemy, looks like Comet from FFVII.

X Meteo

Locke- Mirager

Here Locke jumps at the guy like he's about to Bum Rush him and the screen flashes.

Mirager Mirager

Mog- Moogle Rush

Mog's is just like Pummel, nothing special

Moogle Rush

Relm- Star Prism

Orange stars float around the enemy's head and it changes colors, then the stars float up and the enemy is instantly killed.

Star Prism Star Prism

Sabin- Tiger Break

Sabin, inside or behind a Tiger head, flies at the enemy.

Tiger Break

Setzer- Red Card

Setzer throws 3 sets of 3 cards at the enemy, similiar to some of his regular attacks.

Red Card

Shadow- Shadow Fang

Shadow jumps at the enemy and makes scratch marks.

Shadow Fang Shadow Fang

Strago- Sabre Soul

Strago jumps at the guy and he dies instantly, the body floats up like Doom, but there is no Reaper

Sabre Soul

Terra- Riot Blade

Green Air Blade-esque things fly at the enemy, and it is then pushed away as seen in the 2nd picture.

Riot Blade Riot Blade