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  1. Hero Hero: You. The wizard who was cryogenically frozen 100 years ago during the Great War. Called Simea (an anagram of Mesia) in the GBC version
  2. Mesia Mesia: Your female wizard friend who speaks to you throughout the game

The Wise Men

  1. Zebu Zebu: The first wise man you meet, located in the cave near Leaf. Teaches you Refresh and Paralysis magic
  2. Tornel Tornel: The second wise man, found near Brynmaer at his Training Studio where he teaches Stom. Teaches you Telepathy and Teleport magic
  3. Asina Asina: Disguised as the Queen of Portoa Queen of Portoa and the fortune teller Fortuneteller . Teaches you Recover & Barrier magic
  4. Kensu Kensu: Located in Swan and at the lighthouse. Teaches you Change magic if you give him the Love Pendant at Swan, and Flight after you change him back from a monster
  5. Azteca Azteca: The Grand Puba, the head honcho of the wise men(and woman)

Draygonia's Finest

  1. General Kelbseque General Kelbseque: The first of Draygonia's Finest Four. First met on Mt. Sabre North, receive Flame Bracelet when you defeat him
  2. Sabera Sabera: Fight her in the Angry Sea area to get the Broken Statue
  3. Mado in a Ball Mado Mado: Fight him at Shyron to get the Ball of Thunder
  4. Karmine Karmine: Only found in the Goa Fortress, get the Ivory Statue to bring Kensu back to normal when you defeat him
  5. Emperor Draygon Emperor Draygon: The villain himself in his first form. Get the Psycho Armor when you defeat him
  6. Draygon Draygon: The emperor in his true form, kill him to enter the Tower
  7. DYNA DYNA: The final boss in the game, the computer controlling the Tower, defeat it with the Crystalis Sword

Other Bosses

  1. Vampire Vampire: Fight him in the Windmill Cave to get the Rabbit Boots, fight it again in the Angry Sea area to get a Fruit of Power
  2. Giant Insect Giant Insect: Call him with the Insect Flute and defeat him to receive the Ball of Fire in the swamp around Oak


  1. Akahana Akahana: Gives you the Gas Mask in Brynmaer, the Shield Ring near Portoa, and the Warrior Ring when you change into him in Goa
  2. Stom Stom: Fight him at Tornel's Training Studio, Change into Stom to get Deo's Pendant from Deo at Sahara
  3. Clark Clark: Gives you the X-Ray Goggles
  4. Aryllis Aryllis: Chief of Amazones, give her the Kirisa Plant to get the Bow of Moon, find Blizzard Bracelet in her palace basement
  5. Dolphin Dolphin: Your friend from the sea after you aid him with a Medical Herb, use the Shell Flute to call him and travel on his back
  6. Leaf Elder Leaf Elder: Gives you Sword of Wind, rescue him on Mt. Sabre later
  7. Oak Child Kid from Oak: The kid you have to rescue to obtain the dwarves' favor
  8. Oak Elder Oak Elder: Gives you the Sword of Fire and the Insect Flute after you rescue the kid
  9. Evans Evans: Teaches etiquette at Portoa
  10. Rage Rage: Guardian of the Ball of Water at the Sacred Lime Tree
  11. Ralph Ralph: Elder of Joel and Clark's brother
  12. Deo Deo: Rabbit who lives outside Sahara. Friend of Stom and will give you the Deo's Pendant if you Change into Stom.

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