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Does anyone else just think the cover of the NES instruction booklet/carthridge/box is really cool? Well I certainly do, in fact that was one of the main reasons i got the game to begin with. Now the cover of Crystalis GBC is alright but it's a little too cartoonish and it just doesn't measure up to the original. Just look at the instruction book cover, I mean if that just isn't a great piece of art then I don't know what is. I happened to be looking at it the other day and I noticed the signature of Craig in the bottom lefthand of the picture. I was surprised, I figured it was some Japanese guy (the name "Craig" suggests otherwise). So I created this page as a means of applauding this fellow named Craig, for it if weren't for him this site might not even exist. Here's a pic of his signature in the artwork (his sig is surrounded in red). Craig's Signature If anyone knows the whereabouts or information on this Craig character, please email me.

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