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“ The Code ”

There is only one known code for Crystalis...
Wild Warp
At any point in the game, press and hold A and B on Controller 1, then press A on Controller 2. This will warp you to another area. You can keep repeating this to warp to more than a dozen areas:
  1. Town of Leaf
  2. Valley of Wind
  3. Sealed Cave (inside)
  4. Sealed Cave exit
  5. Swamp Forest
  6. Mt. Sabre West
  7. Exit of Mt. Sabre North
  8. Area where Rage lives.
  9. Leaving Portoa on the boat
  10. Entrance to the Cave Behind Portoa
  11. Town of Swan
  12. Exit from Swan
  13. Mt. Hydra
  14. Entrance to the desert south of Goa
  15. Fortress of Goa
  16. To the left of the Pyramid
WARNING: If you use this code, you may find yourself in places of the game that you are not quite ready for. Also, if you use this code in the Final Tower, you will not be able to finish the game since you cannot re-enter the Tower. (As taken from's code bank)

Game Genie Codes

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