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I've put all of the stuff related to the upcoming Crystalis for Game Boy Color on this page, except I'll leave the countdown thing on the main page, I've just done this in order to take up less space on the main page and get the site better organized so here ya go, all my past updates included:

Crystalis News!

This fall Nintendo is releasing Crystalis for the Color Game Boy. It is being published by Nintendo(I guess they somehow got the rights to it). I e-mailed Nintendo and they said it was exactly the same as the NES original & it contains some 'new voices' in addition. It will also contain a more complete ending, I'm not exactly sure what will happen but I'm sure it will be interesting. I will write back if I find anymore news.

Update- 11/3/99: Nintendo has announced the game for March 6, 2000.
1/26/99- I received an email yesterday from someone telling me that from knowledgable sources they know that the GBC Crystalis will have some other differences besides the voices thing. In addition the latest issue of Nintendo Power featured Crystalis, along with Bionic Commando also being rereleased on GBC.
4/25/00-I just read that Crystalis is scheduled for "Summer 2000", well i guess we'll have to see if that holds up.
5/20/00-Got a link to IGN Pocket: Crystalis.
5/30/00-I saw on that the release date is June 27, i don't know if thats definite or not.
6/22/00-In the latest issue of Nintendo Power(July 2000, Vol. 134) there is full coverage of Crystalis for GBC. Also included are excellent maps of much of the overworld and some of the caves/dungeons. I recommend picking up a copy of this issue, these are the maps I would makie if I had the time or patience. I'd scan them and put them on the site but I don't think that's legal. In addition they explain that DYNA will not be the final boss, instead after you kill the computer you will have to find Mesia who will give you Crystalis, then you will have to defeat Dragonia. Some other differences between the NES and GBC versions are that Deo's Pendant has been changed to Stom's Pendant, and there are some slight differences in the Overworld. The cover of the game also is much more cartoony than the great graphics on the NES game, and again the Hero is not wearing the purple garb he does in the game, this time it is green, on the original cover it is red. I also saw a Sears ad in the magazine which had a picture of the Crystalis GBC box that said "Available June 28", this just may be Sears but the it could be the 26th or 27th so I just left the countdown at 27.

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