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These things are usually used only once and needed to do certain things in the game.
  1. Insect Flute Insect Flute: If you play this in the forest near Oak, the Insect Monster will appear.
  2. Windmill Key Windmill Key:  Needed to make the windmill work in the Valley of the Wind.
  3. Prison Key Prison Key:  Unlocks the door in the ice maze.
  4. Styx Key Styx Key: Unlocks the gate to the Underworld.
  5. Fog Lamp Fog Lamp:  Needed to board the ship which goes from Portoa to the coast.
  6. Shell Flute Shell Flute:  Calls the dolphin to help you travel the sea(after you've helped him).
  7. X-Ray Goggles X-Ray Goggles:  Located on Joel Island; lets you see through the secret storage room.  You know it's a good game when it has X-Ray Goggles.
  8. Broken Statue Broken Statue:  Becomes whole when you use the Glowing Lamp.
  9. Glowing Lamp Glowing Lamp:  Changes the Broken Statue into the Whole Statue.
  10. Gold Statue  Gold Statue:  Stops whirlpools in Angry Sea so that you can cross.  Use it at that small altar int he middle of the ocean.
  11. Love Pendant  Love Pendant:  Give it to a wise man, and he will teach you Disguise Magic.
  12. Kirisa Plant Kirisa Plant:  Give it to the Chief of hte Amazones and she will give you one of the three Bows.  In the instruction booklet it calls the Amazones Chief a "he", I don't know what's up with that.
  13. Ivory StatueIvory Statue:  Restores Kensu to his normal state.
  14. Bow of Moon  Bow of the Moon:  Destroys the Statue of Moon Moon Statue.
  15. Bow of Sun  Bow of the Sun:  Destroys the Statue of Sun Sun Statue.
  16. Bow of Truth Bow of Truth:  Use it to destroy Emperor of Dragonia.
  17. Flute of the Lime TreeFlute of the Lime Tree:  Restores petrified people to normal.
  18. Onyx Statue Statue of Onyx:  Give it to Akahana in the Town of Travelers and he will give you the Gas Mask in return.

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