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Crystalis Sites

RPG Classics: Crystalis Shrine Contains a great amount of detailed information, make sure you check out the other game shrines while you are there Very nice looking new website
Crystalis 2000 Back up after a bit of a hiatus
Crystalis Awareness Foundation The Crystalis Awareness Foundation is a new site with a great mission: to educate gamers about the game of Crystalis
Crystalis Music Some Crystalis (and other video game) .xm music files
New Club on Yahoo on Crystalis Club on Yahoo working on a Crystalis remake; check their homepage with a couple of screenshots out
New Club on Yahoo on Crystalis This is a novel idea, a club on yahoo dedicated entirely to Crystalis Crystalis for GBC Since the release of Crystalis on GBC, Nintendo (who developed and published the GBC incarnation) have provided a good deal of coverage on the game
IGN Pocket Crystalis for GBC A great general gaming site for all platforms, this is the page containing info and a review of Crystalis GBC Crystalis Message Board This is a great site that has help for nearly every game ever made, check out this message board if you need help or just wish to talk to other Crystalis fans

RPG Sites

RPG Classics RPG Classics is a great site with detailed shrines to numerous RPG's of all gaming platforms
RPG Sprites RPG Sprites contains tons of pictures from various RPGs including Crystalis, it has pictures of differnet monsters, poses, etc
RPG Land RPG Land is a good general RPG site and is the site that gave me my Odin's Seal of Approval
The Great RPG Archive The Great RPG Archive is a comprehensive index of sites pertaining to all types of RPGs

Good NES Sites

A ranked list of NES Sites, it'd be cool if you could vote for me
NES Top 20 Same again
tsr's NES Archive No longer updated, but still probably the best NES site out there with tons of information
Homer's NES Country Nice site but hasn't been updated in four years
The NES Gaming Network Collection of very good NES sites, but many are now defunct
NES Flashback Once a very good site but is still being edited, and I don't know if it will ever return
The Unofficial Captain N Home Page Nintendo comics shrine
EightBit Online Unique site; various articles on the NES
Ogre's NES Planet:NES Hasn't been updated in a long time but contains neat Nintendo character battles
NES Chedda High quality and often updated site
AntroNES Archives Good, original, site
NES Triforce The NES Triforce has various Nintendo related info and original material
The Nintendo Classics Archive The Nintendo Classics Archive is another well done original site
Big Stu's 8-bit Wonderland Big Stu's 8-Bit NES Wonderland is yet another very well done NES site
Seanbaby's NES Page Extremely funny part of a much larger (and funny) site.. not for the easily insulted
Willyman's NES Game Page of Weird Great relatively new site with info and mini reviews for a bunch of games
Organization for the Preservation of Classic Forms of Gaming Basically what it says... be sure to check it out
Grand NEStral Station The most comprehensive NES link site around, if it's a Nintendo web site, it's probably linked to from NEStral Station
NES Retreat Nice NES site on hiatus but still up
Ace Ebb Fan Club Ya gotta check this site out.... it's very funny and for a worthy cause, it's part of the site Miscell-N-E-S
NES Search Engine NES Search is a means of searching for Nintendo sites on the net (bet you figured that one out), if you have an NES site be sure to submit it to this site
El33t NES Good general site..
Old-School Gamer Very original site made by a big fan of Gargoyle's Quest II
The NES Files New site, doesn't have too much yet
We Want the NES Back Foundation We Want the NES Back Foundation, another worthy cause with a petition included
Royal Ranger's NES Site RoyalRanger's NES Site is pretty new, but is definitely worth a look
Captain N Network Another site dedicated to Nintendo comics
This Old NES [gone]
Nintendope Humorous site with lots of random and various 8-bit related features, and one sweet Mario 3 theme
Video Games Unlimited: A Place to Buy Sell & Trade Video Games.. Including Crystalis Trading/Buying/Selling site
Play & View Another another used video game site
Nintendo Repair Shop Inc. They'll fix your old systems (including NES), pretty neat.
Console Classix Interestingly legal online emulation for old systems. No Crystalis, but a few other flash-playable NES games.

Game Specific NES Sites

Blaster Master Underground The Blaster Master underground is an very well done tribute to the very challenging NES game Blaster Master and its sequels
The Guardian Legend Shrine Another great site to one of my all time favorite games, although it is not that well known
The Mario~Mega Man~Zelda~Metroid Homepage Lots of information on the games in these series
Metroid Database
An incredible amount of info on the entire Metroid series... a must for a Metroid fan
33's Dragon Quest II Page Comprehensive site on Dragon Warrior II, I wish I could find as good sites for the other 3 in the series
The Ultimate Final Fantasy I Page Everything you wanted to know about the first Final Fantasy game
The Mushroom Kingdom Covers every Mario game known to man
Super Mario Bros. HQ Same goes for the Super Mario Brothers Headquarters
StarTropics: C-Island Great site to an underrated adventure game

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Other Sites

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