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Recover Magic

Magic Spells

# Pic Magic MP Description
1. Paralysis Paralysis 4 Puts enemies and townspeople to sleep for a while. It does NOT affect wise men.
2. Telepathy Telepathy 8 Allows you to converse with non-humans, communicate with wise men, and hear hints about the story.
3. Teleportation Teleportation 20 Moves you instantly to any village or town you have already visited
4. Recover Recover 24 Restores your condition to normal if you are poisoned, paralyzed, or petrified, not if you're turned into a monster.
5. Change Change 20 Disguises you as a monk, woman, Dragonia soldier, or a merchant. Maybe you would be accepted at Amazones if you were a woman....
6. Barrier Barrier N/A Protects you from enemy discharge attacks, but NOT against direct contact.
7. Flight Flight N/A Allows you to dodge enemy attacks and fly over dangerous places.
8. Refresh Refresh N/A Restores your HP

N/A- This means that your MP is decreased depending on how long you hold down the "A" button

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