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Mezame Shrine

1)Wind Valley
A)Mezame Shrine
B)Town of Leaf
C)Cave of wise man, Zebu
D)Windmill Shed
E)Sealed Cave

Poisonous Swamp

2)Cordel Plain
B)Tonel's House
C)Maze of Forest
4)Oak Village
5)Poisonous Swamp
6)Amazones Village

3)Mt. Sabre
A)West Route Entrance
B)Wise Man Training Place
C)North Route Entrance
D)Hut of Nadare
E)Way of Trails
F)Guard Station at Barrier
G)Prison Inside Maze of Ice
H)Top of Mt. Sabre

Outside the Waterfall Cave

4)Capital of Water
B)Queen's Palace and Fortuneteller's Home
C)Cave Under Falls
D)Lake With Lime Tree
E)Room Inside Lime Tree
F)Underground Waterway
G)Lamp in Cave
H)Kirisa Plant in a Cave
I)Boat Rental Shop

Waterfall Near Swan

5)Angry Sea
A)Hut to Watch Beach
B)Cave in Sea
C)Joel Island
D)Lighthouse on Cape
E)Evil Spirit Island
F)Sorceror's Home

6)A Port Town
B)Storage at a Inn

7)Mt. Hudra
A)Entrance to Mt. Hudra Trail
B)Fortress Shyron
C)Temple of Wise Man
D)Cave of Noopah
E)Temple of Wise Man

8)A Fortress City
A)Castle Town of Goa
B)From a Way to the Castle to a Middle Gate
C)From Courtyard to Inside of Castle
D)From Inside of Castle to Shinto Priest's Altar Room on Highest Floor

King's Room

9)Death Desert
A)Death Desert
B)Desert Oasis
C)Desert Plain
D)Sahara Town
F)Underground Cave Leading to Highest Floor of Pyramid
G)King's Room

10)Tower in the Sky
A)Inside Tower

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