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The Voice of the People

The Voice of the People

I started this page just to put the old poll on what types of tripod ads to have, if you have any ideas for a future poll e-mail me

Ad Poll

UPDATE-2/10/00-The vote stands at 7-1 in favor of auto embedded ads right now... voting will continue for one more week.
2/17/00-Well the votes were cast in overwhelming favor of auto-embedded ads 10-1
Winner- Auto-embedded ads
Poll status: Finished

Animated Gif Poll

6/27/00- The present poll standings:
  1. Title Screen- 1
  2. Attack- 0
  3. Recover Magic- 2
  4. Telepathy Magic- 3
  5. Iron Wall- 2
  6. Water Bridge- 2
  7. Torch- 0
  8. Link Button- 1
  9. Pit Crossing- 3
I'll have the poll run another week until July 4th.
7/4/00-The final poll stadings:
  1. Title Screen- 3
  2. Attack- 0
  3. Recover Magic- 3
  4. Telepathy Magic- 5
  5. Iron Wall- 4
  6. Water Bridge- 4
  7. Torch- 1
  8. Link Button- 1
  9. Pit Crossing- 4
Congratulations to telepathy magic for maintaining its lead and defeating all of the other animated gifs
Winner: Telepathy Magic
Poll status: Finished

What's your favorite animated gif on the site?

Title Screen Title Screen

Attack Attack

Recover Magic Recover Magic

Telepathy Magic Telepathy Magic

Iron Wall Iron Wall

Water BridgeWater Bridge


Link ButtonLink Button

Pit Crossing Pit Crossing

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