God Slayer

God Slayer is the Japanese counterpart to Crystalis, released on the Famicon (the Japanese couterpart to the NES) also in 1990. Not surprisingly, some clever marketing guy thought 'God Slayer' might not be the best name for an American video game, hence we have Crystalis. The artwork below comes from the box and manual, and is courtesy of an awesome fan, Ninja Guy Dan. Alas, my Japanese skills are lacking (non-existant) but if anyone has any translating skills and can describe any of the box artwork, that'd be pretty sweet UPDATE (03/16/2011): Many thanks to Josť Yoshitake for the following translation of the box back. Click on the pictures for full size.

Translation of box back:
[Text in blue]:
To all RPG fans... a majestic story starts up.

[Text in black]:
The lost woods of evergrowing gigantic mushrooms, the never solved Saber Mountain's water-walled labyrinth...... It is through a magnificent territory filled with hostilities that boys become mature.

[Text in red]:
A young messiah lady
meeting and parting...
One by one, the monsters rush on...

[Text in white and red]:
To seize the legend's key
The 4 sages...

Box Back

Box Front

Buying A Shield

Hero & Asina

Hero Casting Magic

Hero Fighting The Insect

Hero With A Slime

Kensu & Asina


Manual Cover

Mesia & An Octopus

Mt. Saber


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