There are many other great games out there that contain aspects of Crystalis that you'll probably enjoy if you liked Crystalis (which I assume you do if you are at this site). These games I missed feel free to email me

  • NES



    Game Boy/Game Boy Advance

    Super Nintendo (SNES)

    Playstation/Playstation 2 (PSX & PS2)

    Nintendo 64

    • Donkey Kong 64: See Donkey Kong Country
    • Legend of Zelda's Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask: See A Link to the Past


    • Elder Scrools 3 Morrwind (X-Box): ??? - recommended
    • Cave Story (PC): Freeware game, with, according to Wikipedia, an amnesiac protagonist who awakens in a cave and rabbit-like creatures... Crystalis-like indeed.

    More Recommendations are very welcome
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