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A problem with these items is that you can only hold 8 TOTAL items at a time, so choose wisely which ones to keep

  1. Medical HerbMedical Herb: Resores physical strength little by little; can be used during battle.
  2. AntidoteAntidote: Eliminates poison received from enemy attacks and traps. Quite necessary before you get Recover magic.
  3. Lysis Plant Lysis Plant: Cures condition of paralysis
  4. Fruit of the Lime Tree Fruit of the Lime Tree: Restores a petrified condition to a normal condition.
  5. Fruit of Power Fruit of Power: Restores of total MP, can be used during battle. Carrying one of these is much more convenient than a bunch of Medical Herbs.
  6. Magic Ring Magic Ring: Restores entire MP; can be used in battle. Use these wisely.
  7. Fruit of Reeun Fruit of Reeun: Removes enemy curse which changes you into a small, blue, blobby monster.
  8. Warp Boots Warp Boots: Teleports you back to a town or village you've visited. Great in case of emergency.
  9. Opal Statue Opal Statue: If you die, it replenishes all of your life power, and you can continue playing from the point you died.
  10. Alarm FluteAlarm Flute: Play it to wake people up.

Event Items

Worn Items

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