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Old Updates

Note: this site is about 2 and a half years old but I didn't start recording updates until May 9, 2000
5/9/00-Well i started this section for one thing, and I put the music, cursors/icons, box pictures, and instruction book pictures all in the "Downloads" section, i also added the Crystalis ROM finally to save ya all some time. Added separate section for the towns.
5/11/00-Added the "Characters" section, if you think of any characters i should add, email me.
5/13/00-added some random pictures.
5/15/00-added a few more characters and pictures to event items, a couple are still missing.
5/17/00-Added more stuff to "Swords" section including picture of the different sword levels.
5/21/00-Added Crystalis Webring section, any people out there with Crystalis pages, e-mail me as soon as you can.
5/23/00-Added a couple of characters in the characters section. I'm currently in the process of getting pictures of all or most of the enemies in the game and I'm going to let you visitors have a part in naming many of them, they're pretty hard to describe. Edited layout a little.
5/24/00:Woohoo! Got a java applet that works as a midi player, I got all 4 Crystalis midi's on there, to control it go down near where the guestbook is, you can seek through the song or click next/previous to go to another song. I know it doesn't work on netscape however and possibly other browsers, and it might be a little of centered and stuff, but it still rocks.
5/30/00- Started a new page for polls, i don't have a new one or anything but i just wanted to get it outta the way so to speak. if you have any ideas for a poll, please e-mail me.
5/31/00-Added 2 more walkthroughs and a Walkthrough section, and seperate section for the impending Crystalis for GBC. Added a random quote generator to "Characters" section, submit any of your favorite quotes from Crystalis
6/2/00-Added some links and quotes.
6/3/00-Added a new Poll
and a cartridge pic in the downloads section.
6/4/00-Added a drop down box for the site to go to all the main pages, however things like event items aren't on the list to get to them you have to first go to the item page.
6/5/00-I happened to be reading a Q & A segment of called Ask Dan and it spoke of Crystalis. Someone wrote a letter asking where they find the game. The article was from around like last December and the letter about Crystalis was probably posted to publicize the upcoming GBC game, but any publicity is good publicity. You can read the article here.
The letter inquiring about Crystalis is about halfway through the page, Dan told the person to go to ebay, I don't understand why he was not redirected to Tom's Crystalis World however.
6/6/00-Added a coupla links, check em out, i also saw on another site that Crystalis is due out June 26, a day earlier than I had seen previously, but i didn't change the countdown.
6/8/00-Put updates other than the last 10 into the updates archive.
6/9/00-Hey whadya know Tripod just gave me 39 more MB to raise the total to 50MB, I don't think I'll ever need it but I guess it's still cool to have, I added a link too.
6/22/00-There's some huge coverage of Crystalis in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, I'll fully explain it in the Crystalis GBC
6/27/00-Well Crystalis GBC should definately be out by now and there is a Poll Update
7/4/00-Happy Independence Day and the Poll has reached a conclusion
7/28/00-Sorry for the major lack of updates... the reason is I've been very busy this summer and more importantly I have yet to get my hands on a Crystalis GBC, let alone a GBC I'm still usin the old grey Game Boy, expect Crystalis GBC stuff (walkthroughs, pics, etc.) relatively soon.
9/4/00-Started a new section "NES vs. GBC Crystalis", it's in the link box and still under construction.
10/10/00-I made a new section, Shrine to the Artist Craig which pays homage to the artist who did the cover of the NES box, you should all check it out.
10/28/00-The other day I added a link to the Crystalis messageboard in the link box, check it out.
11/04/00-Added a few game-specific links, check em out.
11/7/00-Well today is Election Day so make sure you go and vote.
12/27/00-Added a few links, check them out, and happy holidays and new year.
05/06/01-Created a new section, a history of the page, check it out, it's under "History/About", and some links have been added of late, be sure to check them out.
05/07/01-I finally changed the midiplayer, now no more covered up text, i also added 4 Crystalis midis to the music section, under downloads, and i got a new counter, because the old one just stopped working, and thank you to Video Game Webpage Services for the Crystalis theme
06/23/01-I added another to rom to the downloads section that actually has nothing at all to do with Crystalis, it's just a hack of a Mario 1 rom i made, but check it out anyway if you're into Nintendo emulation.
06/28/01-I got an award from RPG Land, I put it in the Links section
08/05/01-Added a new section, If You Liked Crystalis... highlighting other games that a Crystalis fan would enjoy. The list is not complete, so submissions would be quite welcome. And by the way if any of you Crystalis fans out there have any Crystalis fan art you've done I would be quite happy to display it on the site
08/06/01-Woah.. 2 consecutive updates! This one is concerning an in progress revamping of the Links section. I'm adding summaries of all the sites so you have an idea of where you're going before you go, it should be complete soon.
09/29/01-Fixed the mario rom hack in the downloads section, i changed it to a zip file because it would not work with the .nes extension.
10/12/01-I made a Crystalis Winamp skin... it's in the downloads section, or you can download it right from here: Crystalis Amp
11/03/01-This is a notice to all skilled programmers out there, a guy named Robert Garr is looking for a programmer to work on a Crystalis online RPG game, if you are (or know) one, email him at
05/23/02-I revised the winamp skin i made, so it will not be back up for a bit (in case you were confused). But i think it looks a lot better now and i'll post again when it's back up. Crystalis Amp
07/23/02-I'm pretty sure the Winamp skin is now up and I added a Fan section so people could submit their fanfics and fanart, there's nothing in it yet, but i hope it will grow
08/07/02-I temporarily removed my Winamp skin cause although the picture on their site was the new version, the one to download wasn't... so expect it back up later. On the brighter side i added an NES link to Nintendope so check it out
08/20/02-The Winamp skin is back up here
10/18/02-I'm in the process of finally making my own Crystalis walkthrough, and I'm also putting maps into it, but right now I'm only about halfway done the game and I haven't been able and won't be able to work on it for a while just cause I'm quite busy, but I'm throwin it up here so you can comment on it, especially the maps, I want to make sure they're good, thanks: walkthrough
12/08/02-I put my Mario rom hack in zipped ips format for downloading in the "downloads" section so you can get either way.
02/17/03-Fixed the link to the Winamp skin
06/26/03-I added a couple of links, Crystalis related to be exact so check them out in the links section.
07/22/03-Link added for a used video game store.
11/07/03-Fixed the error plaguing the main and many of the subpages... seems like all that was showing up was the counter (though half of the main page showed up for some reason). I got rid of all the nedstat counters, as they seemed to be the cause of the issue. Sorry for the major (though i don't know when it started) downtime.
06/27/04-Added link to incomplete "Monsters" section in the drop-down box... I started it a while ago but hadn't posted it; should be updated later in summer.

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